Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh, Tiny Me!

Advantage and Disadvantage of being tiny♡

They are the young couple who were announcing their marriage this late May.
As the girl is one of the former members of the singer group and the boy is an actor, I think it is Ok to post their picture here.   I found this picture very lovely and reminded me of my dream far-far back in my young days, waiting for a tall handsome prince. The naughty reporters must have made her take her shoes off.
May their life together be full of love!!!

Here is my list of Advantage and Disadvantage of being tiny.
* I used to drive off salesmen by saying "Mom is not home", 
   It worked well when there weren't intercoms.  Mind you "not now" haha.
* In the crowds, people are kind try not to push me hard. (may look fragile)
* Feel easy to ask for help to get things in the high places for the clerk in the shop.

* I constantly need to use stools with different heights hubby made for me.  I cannot see well things I put on top of the shelf of the fridge, haha. Well, what is worse; starting to feel risky for falling or tripping.

* I cannot see the dust which piles up high places for me like on the shleves.  Some of my a bit tall students pointed out that my eye line was low and I should keep it in mind (^^;)  
* It is really hard for me to look for the clothes and shoes for my size.  It is kind of my habit to check the petite size corner. I'm a well-known customer.


  1. Cute and funny post Orchid.
    I am 5 ft. 2 ,have lots of trouble shopping. They sure stack things high these days!

  2. Orchid...yes being on the 'short list' can be both an advantage and disadvantage for all the reasons you listed. I used to stand on the stairs to have a serious talk with my sons once they grew taller than me.

    Nice post!

  3. Your list made me smile! I have a sister who is short, and I have heard her say some of the same things. I am tall, so my list would be from the opposite end of the spectrum!

  4. Hi Orchid,
    I am on the tall people list and it has it's disadvantages too :) I am 5 ft. 11 and have huge problems getting trousers that are long enough, and one more thing I cannot hide in big crowds ;) I am always one head taller hehe.
    Very nice post!
    Have a lovely Saturday!
    Hugs x

  5. I got my height later than most. In one year I grew from 4'10" to 5'5" which was a surprise to everyone who knew me. I'm now 5'7" which puts me at the taller end of the height scale. I'd say there are more advantages than disadvantages at my height. Your post was funny but I imagine there are times when it may be frustrating being so small. Have a wonderful weekend my tiny sweet friend. Hugs

  6. Nice post, Orchid. I'm one of the tall ones, but my daughter is taller than me, so I'm the short one in the family. Both of my tall sons are dating short girls, so they resemble the picture you posted.

  7. aww this is so sweet. I do not have this problem, I am tall, 5 feet 9 inches, my wonderful husband is 6 feet 4 inches.To him I am small, giggle xo

  8. Orchid, this post made me smile. I am a little over 5 feet 1 inch, and experience the same issues! I have a terrible fear of heights, and when anyone tall comes to visit, I usually put them to work, taking things down and putting them back in place. :-)

  9. Oh Orchid this post made me laugh.
    That's a great picture of the tall lad and the short girl. Hope they are very happy together!
    I am only 5ft 2in so am quite small myself, my middle daughter is 20 and is only 5ft so she is going to be a shorty too.
    I'm kind of glad she is shorter than me as at least I am taller than somebody in my home lol.

  10. Dearest Orchid,

    No matter how tall or short you are; it's the inside that counts! Our foster daughter is rather short too and so is my Mom... She's of course become even shorter with age.
    But don't fret over it. You are what you feel you are deep inside. People that respect and love you, don't look for your height!
    As for clothes, only since I live in the USA (with many Asians...) I'm lucky for finding my size. In the Netherlands at the time I lived there 28 years ago, the smalles size they carried was 2 sizes larger than mine. I always had to look in the children's area. But thank goodness, that is past.
    Love to you and don't feel bad about it at all as you sure stand taller than most people ever will!


  11. Being on the tall side when I was young, I always envied the cute short, petite girls. I now see that it does have it's disadvantages; however not seeing the dust isn't one of them. Out of sight, out of mind, I say. LOL
    Hugs to you!

  12. Hallo my dear friend. I am only about 5 ft 1", so on the short side!! (But all good things come in small packages!! Hee Hee!!). I hate it when I go to the supermarket, and I can never reach things on the higher shelves :( I shouldn't worry too much about the dust that you can't see !! Hope you're having a good weekend - Hugs to you.

  13. The photo of the couple looks cute! I noticed the lady is not wearing shoes :-) It must be the direction of naughty reporters, for sure!!
    Your advantage that you drove off salesmen by saying "mom is not here" cracked me up! You are so funny, Orchid san!! It may be nice not to see the dust in high places. I'd say "Shiranu ga hotoke." :-)

  14. You are so adorable, my friend! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Mina

  15. oh,bless your darling petite self!! you are precious!!
    i am 5'2''
    my daughter is 4'10".
    it is a good thing!!!(who wants to see the dust up high!!!).

  16. Not being able to see the dust on top of furntiure is both a disadvantage and an

    As I am only 4'11" I know really what it is like to not be able to reach things when I go shopping and having to use a stool in order to reach things from the top cupboards.

    My daughter is onlly 4'7" so it is even harder for her............

  17. Dear Orchid san,
    I,m short too but I don't feel much my height in Japan.
    but I do in here against more tall people.
    When I came to this country first thing I do noticed that at the public toilet mirrors is too high for me:-)
    Some chairs I can't touch my feet on the floors.
    Well we cant do anything about it:-)
    Have a great Sunday!

  18. lovely post. i'm on the taller side but wasn't always tall. i grew from 4'11" to 5'6" in one year. I'm about 5'7.5" now. used to be a full 5'8" but i've shrunk. lol

    my boys are 6'2" and 6'3"; my step-sons are 6'3" and 6'4". my daughter is about 5'6". ron is only about 5'10.5" but his dad was tall.

  19. I like that you can't see the dust!!

    That made me smile this morning!

    My mum is small 4ft 11 and finds it really difficult to buy clothes because everything has to be shortened to fit her, however when the shops have sales she can get wonderful bargains as very few people have feet as small as hers and so the shoes are always a bargain!!

    Thanks for the Sunday morning smile!

    Fiona x

  20. I am short and from now on I am gonna use that excuse....that I can't see dust!!!

    Lovely post, made me smile :)

  21. What a great and fun post Orchid. I love that you can make light of your height. I've always been so tall so I had the opposite. I could reach the high shelves. If we went shopping together you could reach the bottom ones for me and I could reach the top ones for you!!! haha. You are so sweet. Hugs my friend.

  22. I'm 5 foot 2 inches and I liked being short as a teenager because all the boys were taller than me! It was easier to get dates. My daughters are much taller and can reach the top shelves for me. I need a stool also.

  23. Dear Orchid: What a sweet, sweet post! The young couple photographed are so cute and so 'mismatched' in size. It must be terribly awkward to kiss. Poor man has to just about bend in half to reach her!

    I am tall (5ft 8in). I had a bit of a height complex when I was growing up, but these days, I don't feel so tall anymore and both my son and daughter are taller than I am. I think I've reached the sinking into my shoes part of my life ;)

    I love your list of pro's and con's to being short. I must say your pro's seem to out number the cons!

    I hope you're having a good Monday. Big hug xoxo