Thursday, June 23, 2011


We've been hearing this word (or unit?) after the accident of nuclear reactor.
Quote from today's paper
"82 millisieverts outside zone seen
Cumulative radiation outside the 20-km radius of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in the past three months has reached as high as 82 millisieverts, more than four times the limit of 20 millisieverts a year, a science ministry estimate showed Tuesday."

It is not just the question of the distance where high radiation level reported. Mothers are worrying about let the kids play outside the house even in Tokyo.
There was an another article with detailed map from the group of researchers; 
Jet stream has brought certain amount of radiation to Europe through America in a week right after the accident. What a devastating impact one tsunami caused. In some area, officials uprooted people from their home land.
I deeply hope the day comes when we no longer have to hear this "millisievert"


  1. Oh so do we in this country Orchid.
    It was such a tragic event for the entire world. Hopefully things will improve with time.
    Hugs, Amy

  2. How frightening for you and your countrymen and countrywomen. I pray that you have a speedy return to a healthier environment. Many hugs to all of you until then.

  3. My dear Orchid, I still send prayers to the people of Japan. I hope nice cleansing winds blow the radiation far far away where it can harm no living thing. And everything can get back to normal. Blessings to you and yours, xo

  4. Orchid, Thank you dear new friend for being a follower of my blog. I don't always post every day, sometimes days go by. I don't always get a chance to response to my comments. However, I do read the comments and so love and appreciate each one. It is devasting to think the destruction that rained down on your beautiful country. How close are you to the center of it? One aspect that touched me deeply in all the press we here in the USA read was how the injured retained their graciousness even during such a horrible tragic event. Always putting others before themselves in the need to be treated medically or to be rescued. Where you live can you go outside safely? My mind cannot truly comprehend what the people of your country are dealing with. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. Please know that I reach out, across the seas from our two countries and send blessings to your country for better days and much healthier environment. Blessings my new friend.

  5. We all hope and pray that Japan does not suffer from this tragedy anymore!

  6. Dearest Orchid,

    It sure is a tragic thing but often the media does blow it up too. You mention that in the Jet stream a certain amount of radiation got brought to Europe via the US.
    Well, it is a fact that for each flight you do pick up lots of radiation already. That is nothing new. And are people holding back on flying? NO... We did fly a LOT. Sitting up in the air for 1,500,000 miles did expose us to a lot of radiation!
    Let's remain positive about it and hope the best.

    Lots of love,


  7. Hi Orchid. This must all still be very worrying for you. It really was such a tragic event that happened to your lovely country. How awful to be afraid to let your little children play outside. Like Sush, I do pray that things will soon get a lot easier for you all. Prayers and hugs. Oh, please visit my blog tomorrow, as there will be something there for you!

  8. so devastating and sad.
    know that we care....!

  9. Oh Orchid, this is so tragic and I am truly sorry. Please always know you fill my heart and I send healing blessings your way. My life is much richer since you entered it.