Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day♪

Daddy, You are special!

his motorbike outfit at Akiyoshi-plateau in Yamaguchi Pref.

my parents at entrance ceremony, these days moms were wearing kimono
Sorry blurry ones, pic's pic

My father used to be modern-minded man. He bought mortor-bike, car (he made simple garage by himself), black and white TV;  it was always first in our neighbor. I remember my neighbors visited us to see "sumo" in the evening sometimes. He used closet to develop the pictures he took.  I was thinking that there was nothing he couldn't do in the world when young. Although it must be a bit hard for my mom to make ends meet, I knew they loved catching up on latest household appliances at that time. 
Reading the lovely friends' posts for father's day, I couln't resist my wish to honor him. He inspired me through many things more than I can mention.
    1. I took after interests for western culture from him.
             (We enjoyed American Movies, Dramas a lot together)
    2. He loved playing sports with us kids (tennis, bowling, etc.)
    3. He tried to take us as many places as he could. 
Today I brought him 2 summer shirts at his old people's home.  Haha, I don't think he understood being changed with new one. Thank God, he still smiles seeing me. And I appreciate the warm care he is taking from the staff.
Daddy, I'm proud of  being your daughter.


  1. Orchid, Hi. That is such a beautiful post to your dad on Fathers Day. He obviously is a very special man. I loved to see the photos as well, and what a lovely poem as well. I am so pleased that he still smiles when he sees you my friend. Hugs.

  2. Wonderful tribute to your father Orchid and how lucky you are to still have him on this earth! Great pictures too!

  3. Hi Orchid, this is a wonderful tribute to your dad. And he was a "cool" dad, judging from that motorbike! Isn't it great to have dads that were the first to do new things in the neighborhood? xo,

  4. What a lovely post is good he is still smiling.
    Hugs, Amy

  5. Hi Orchid san, happy father's day!!
    Your dad sounds very cool and I love his motorbike outfit. My dad loves American movies too and I think I got the same interest from him.
    This post is beautiful and he is a happy dad to have a loving daughter :-)

  6. What a lovely post!

    It's so nice to meet you, Orchid. I didn't have any friends in Japan, but now I do! :)

  7. What a lovely post and how beautiful to have so many wonderful memories of your father! I am sure he is as blessed to have you as his daughter! I love the pictures of your mother and father -- they look so happy! Thank you for sharing your story with us and thank you for visiting my blog as well! I've never been outside of the United States and love watching travel programs about other countries, dreaming of the day when I might actually be able to see them myself!

  8. such wonderful photos Orchid!!thank you so much for sharing part of "you"! :) hugs!!

  9. Have a wonderful Monday, Orchid!

  10. Aw this was such a sweet post!!! I am happy to know that he smiles when he sees you :) I really love his picture in the motorcycle coat! He looks like a pretty cool father!

  11. This is such a beautiful tribute to your father. He sounds like such a wonderful man and I know he raised a very wonderful daughter. I love the photo of your parents. Such a beautiful couple.

  12. Dearest Orchid,

    Wow, your 'men' are all very crafty it looks like. Your husband making perfect trays and your Dad made things himself. You indeed learned a lot from him. Now only the fond memories stay with you and the photos, those that he developed himself in the dark room. My husband did the same back than, he spent lots of time in the dark room...
    Times have changed!
    But you can be proud and the fact that he is smiling is sending still a strong message. Great tribute to your Dad!

    Lots of love,