Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Security got tightened after the Death of Osama bin Laden

This might be a bit belated post, however;

The attacks in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001 left a quite unforgettable shock for me as well. I'm teaching English at home for supplementary education especially for school kids. I finished my job 9:30 as usual that night. My husband had already home, waiting dinner and watching TV in the kitchen. I glanced the scene two of the jet liners were flown into the World Trade Center towers.
 "What movie are you watching?" That was what I said to him. I do have fairly good knowledge of movies and I thought I might as well know the movie which has the scene with that kind of impact.

article from the paper

It seems that Japan also stepping up its security for fear of  possible retaliatory acts. The article quote the comment of the professor who specializes in international terrorism; "Chances aren't so high that Japan will be affected, but people working for foreign companies [in Japan] should take additional precautions against terrorist attacks,"
Taking precautionary measurement must be inevitable. Deeply hope that this won't trigger another one. I mean NOWHERE in the world. My heart is for the people who suffered from the incidents, especially my new friends in here.   


  1. I hope that maybe this evil person not being around, will prompt acceptance of all religions & societies, we can live in harmony, we do not all have to have the same views or rule the world, just get along & respect... so much suffering caused, it just seems like he was a mad man with a massive ego, he killed his own followers along with thousands of innocents, no respect for anyone...

  2. I hope with the death of Bin Laden we don't see more terror upon the world.
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Sept 11 was such a tragic event. So unexpected to see this happen on American soil, I remember being totally shocked seeing it on my TV in my homeland of Australia. America always seemed so strong and untouchable.

  4. There is plenty of space on God's earth for ALL of us to live in peace, and embrace our different cultures (law abiding of course!).
    It seems like an easy enough concept. I continue to pray for all of us. xo,

  5. I think everyone remember 9/11. Our live have since changed.They have taken so much away from us.Be careful every where you go Laura

  6. Oh Orchid that was such a terrible time in the US. I remember thinking it was all just too surreal. There is so much evil in the world and all we can do is try to keep our hopes high and surround ourselves with love. Take care.

  7. Dearest Orchid,

    Sunshineshelle said it so well; this mad man killed so many innocents, and indeed NO respect for anyone. Poor women! Wish the world (especially the leftish media) should become more outraged about the fate of those poor women that live like in medieval times... If one has traveled enough and met with different cultures and talked to those lucky enough to escape such regimes, than the eyes are wide open. Let's hope more will wake up in time!

    Lots of love,