Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hope the bright Spring Awaits us

What do they mean to us,
You might know all Japanese people adore cherry blossom. The cherry blossom is a very delicate flower that blooms for a very short while. For us they represent the transience of life. I think This particular characteristics ties in deeply with the fundamental teachings of Buddhism, which says all life is suffering and transitory. We hold this Buddhist belief strongly and the transitory nature of life is very noble, not get too attached to a particular outcome or not become emotional because it will all pass in time.
I deeply deeply hope the  blossom will bring us promising cheerful spring. 
Wish this post is NOT untimely and immodest.

Also, I like this manjyu (Japanese-style bun stuffed with azuki-bean paste)  I think this my favorite sweet represents another example of our love for cherry tree.  This manjyu was started to be sold in 1717 at the  長命寺(temple which has longevity, sorry for the literal translation)  


  1. Our country was so blessed to receive those 3,00+ cherry trees so long ago ... & every year (this yaer April 1) these exquisite trees bring beauty that is immeasurable to Washington, DC. People come from all over the world to walk amongst them ... the scent is soft & sweet, the petals delicate & gentle ...

    I am still waiting for one Japanese client to write me. She lives in Fukushimi. I so hope she is ok.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Dear,Marydon.
    I have heard of the beautiful blossoms in Washington,DC. I'm really glad to know people enjoy them directly from my friend.

    Oh, I truly hope you can get through to your Japanese client. I am watching the TV news from there....
    It seems to be still in a critical situation.

  3. These photos are simply stunning! The cherry blossoms are so beautiful. I love the Buddhist teaching. So very true and something we should all consider.

  4. Oh Sweet Friend...
    I am so happy to see you post. I am still praying and hoping for your safety sweet one. I cannot even begin to imagine the fear that each of you are going through right now. Just know that many, many people are praying for your country.

    I love your blog. It just gets more beautiful each time I come to visit. You are more talented than you realize sweet friend. Your voice is heard loudly through the beauty that you share each time I come to visit.

    Please be safe, take care, and know that you are in my prayers. Many hugs to you sweet friend and SO much love, Sherry

  5. To my Dear, Mina
    Although I don't think I am a pious Buddhist, I sometimes feel there are some truth in the belief which we should value.
    I hope I have time to stroll under the blossom this year.

  6. To my lovely friend Sherry

    Thank you very much for your very encouraging, sweet words. I don't think I can figure out HTML thing by myself. But I will try to use my knowledge "word" and "paint" as much as I can.

    I have no way knowing When the trouble of the nuclear reactor will be solved. Until then we are not able to feel secured....

  7. My very best wishes to you and all of Japan <3

  8. Orchid, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. I hope you don't mind but I linked up your beautiful post to my blog. We will continue to pray for all of the sad, worried and displaced people in Japan.

    Blessings and best wishes always,

    PS I am now following you too.

  9. Dear, Signe
    Thank you for your concern.
    We are hoping for the nuclear reactor problem solved swiftly......

  10. To dear my new friend, Natasha

    Oh, thank you very much for following me and also quite happy that you generously linked my post to your blog.
    I'm looking forward to reading your blog and twitter♡♡♡

  11. Calling by from 5 Minutes For Me to visit all the wonderful tributes posted this weekend. I dream of seeing the cherry blossom in Japan for myself one day.

  12. To, Ms. LindyLouMac in Italy
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I deeply wish your dream comes true someday!!!

  13. Dearest Myako,

    What a joy to come to your blog! Japan has a special spot in my heart as I've been to the Sendai area in July of 2007. Also the YKK Tohoku plant I've visited on that trip to our sister-city Osaki. While on vacation recently in Florida for 9 days I finally got word from our translator (she is as fluent in English as you are!) who lives in Sendai. She'd moved for 3 week to her parents near Tokyo. So glad to know that those I met are okay.
    Your explanation of the Japanese Cherry blossoms is special. You should have read my blog of March 29 about Our Japanese Somei Yoshino Cherry in Bloom and March 23 about Japanese Yubikan from 1629; March 20 about News from our Sister City Osaki in Japan...
    Japan made me feel so at home as it resembles in MANY ways the Dutch life; my birth country. The highly efficient lay out of bathrooms and kitchens in a home in energy saving ways and the gardens, the crowded streets etc. etc. And the food is yummy! I had Natto for breakfast the first morning... My host was beaming when I asked him about it and he said I always have it and we will eat it in the morning. Great experience. Okay, I follow you and I did put your blog on my side-bar as well.
    One suggestion for you, as for not to reply to people on your own blog (your comments...) but instead on that very person's own blog! Most people leave a comment but don't come back to check if there is a reply left there. For me as well, it would be way too time consuming. Just click on their name and get to the actual blog and let them know there; they will remember. It will be more effective that way.

    Lots of love,