Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rice-Cake Making in husband's hobby room

This morning we made kan-mochi(寒餅), which means rice cakes made in a really cold season not the year end. When I was a child(more than 50years ago, haha), making mochi outside the house with all my family by using the  traditional way and tools was a sort of annual event of at the end of the year and quite reminisce about it. My mother was really busy gettig ready for doing it.  I found the good example from You-tube.

Since my husband  retired from his job last year and he wishes to eat fresh ones freqently, we bought a machine. We have already eaten ones we had made last year, he wished to make them again. This is how we did it today.

                                        Sweet beans to be put in the rice-cakes

                                      Husband is fighting with the hotness

       I will make Zouni 雑煮 like this with mochi tonight.


  1. Wow, looks sooo delicious! I love omochi! It's so nice that you keep this tradition to have omochi even after the New Year. Not ready made but housemade omochi is really special.

  2. Right, he even loves the freshly steamed rice and makes rice balls, before making mochi. Haha, really good taste. But I wish I had a big family, only two of us (^^;)

  3. This looks very yummy! And what a fun process to make it!

  4. Dear, Dionne
    Take times, thogh. ^^;
    I wonder you have experience tasting one,