Monday, February 7, 2011

Nice lunch at my cousin's restrant and Playing with Kids

Yesterday, we went to see my cousin and her kids.  My cousin's couple has a Japanese restaurant and we had lunch there. They offer Japanese style set-menu. The main dish of (いろいろ御膳), which I had, has very softly processed sea bream with whipped egg white on top.  Sashimi was really fresh.
天丼 hubby had has variety of fried fish on rice with sauce. We could enjoy fresh Sashimi again today.

Each case of the wooden chopsticks has pressed flower on them. My cousin's mother-in law makes them. I think they add touches for the dishes as well.



And then we moved to my aunt's house where cousin's 3kids were eagerly awaiting for me to arrive knowing that I would be giving a little English lesson.  Last time I saw them was less than a year ago. 5,3,2 years old siblings were SO energetic and I was surprised to see how fast kids had grown.  I brought English cards and let them pick.  My aunt told me that she's got the mingled feeling for baby-sitting. Fun but must be physically tough for her. Although I have  been teaching English so long and has seen many students with varieties of characters, I couldn't be blessed with my own child. So, being with little kids always gives me pleasure and enjoyable moments.  Maybe I am the ONE who had wonderful time yesterday.


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  2. Thank you very much for your suggestion!!! I will try and hope it will work. I must cross my fingers(^_-)

  3. Dearest Miyako,
    Sure, teaching for such young kids comes with mixed emotions... I fully can understand that!
    Sending you hugs,